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IMG_0703IMG_0756IMG_0734IMG_0724IMG_0731IMG_0687 I’m a pretty avid hiker so I was super excited to leave my little LA bubble and go explore the beauty that is Zion National Park, It was the most beautiful place I’ve ever laid eyes on. I kept stopping just to take in what I was experiencing.

Lately I’ve been trying to get my mind, body, and spirit in a positive and healthy place. It’s been really hard being stuck in the day to day of working a job that I don’t enjoy, not eating healthy enough, drinking too much etc… The routine of it all has made my anxiety skyrocket and is causing me to feel really unhappy. Taking little trips has been my therapy.

I’m so thankful that Chase is in my life. He gets me out of my bubble and we experience such beautiful places with each other.

Love + Nature = a happier me



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