Things you can do while waiting to feel happy

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these 2 sentences have kept me in limbo for months. Some days I wake up and feel good. Most days I wake up and feel fucking terrible. This has been the general flow of my thoughts since I was a child. The thing is, I know that in order to thrive and get back into a good place I need to do certain things. So I made myself a list and everyday that I feel bad I add to it because who wants to feel bad all of the time?


Take a shower- even if you don’t have anything to do. when we feel depressed it super easy to stop caring for yourself. But its so important to do certain things so that your mind knows you haven’t given up.

Let the sun hit your face-  I’ve spent too many days inside of a dark, lonely apartment. If you do decide to take the “stay in bed forever route” at least get up once, go stand outside for 10 minutes, get some fresh air, and vitamin D.

Lay down with someone that loves you- this has proven to be the most healing thing for me thus far.  One of my best friends just had a baby and I take every opportunity that I have to go and lay with the two of them. Just surrounding yourself with love is so healthy for your spirit.

Tell yourself you will be okay (even if you don’t believe it) because the thing is, you will be.  No matter how dark it is, it gets better. Some of us need more help than others and if you feel like you are that person theres no shame in admitting you need help and talking to a professional . Do whatever you have to do to take care of your mental health,  it’s so important.

I read the most beautiful thing the other day and that was, ” slow progress is better than no progress”  applying that to my life everyday is helping me get out of the dark, slowly but surely.

Sarah Honee

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