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IMG_2213IMG_2246IMG_2244IMG_2181Hi friends!

I’m back from the dead. I’ve been working really hard on my brain which in turn has made me get up and start to pursue selling and styling vintage clothing (again). In the last two years I have been diagnosed with OCD and with that wonderful little thing comes intense anxiety. I started taking medication to control it and it has done wonders. Throughout this ordeal I have received such nice comments and supportive emails which really have meant the world to me. I love you all!


Sarah Honee


sometimes I photoshop my pictures, today I didn’t because I’m loving every mole and roll 🙂

Diamond Cactus Vintage

vibrance25michelledcvintage2dc3Hi guys just wanted to give you a little update on myself and the blog. I’m finally in the headspace to get back to the reason I started a blog in the first place, selling vintage clothing.  So in the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting more things related to the store.

I’m still posting my little thoughts and advice so please keep emailing me!

Wish me luck on my new journey!

model: @_littlegaby

photographer: @monksphere

styling: Diamond Cactus Vintage


Hungover (again)

IMG_0836so I’m in bed. hungover. feeling like a bum. The older i get, the more I hate drinking. Getting drunk is SO easy, actually taking the time to get my shit together and not ignoring all of my responsibilities just to have a few drinks is whats hard. I’m kind of obsessed with happy, sober people. Thats some hardcore shit.

I don’t see myself ever completely cutting out alcohol but I do want to dramatically cut back. Have any of you guys experienced this feeling?


Sarah Honee



Here I am again. typing words and posting pictures onto the internet.

I feel so bland lately.

when I first started blogging, I was in a very dark place and I felt like a walking sad poem. Even though I was a fucking mess I still felt like I had a purpose.

Well cut to two years, lots of therapy, and a few ssri’s later I feel like I have nothing to contribute… BUT I WANT TO SO BAD. I miss getting emails from people that were fighting the same shitty, heartbroken battle that I was fighting.

I still have some pretty extensive anxiety issues but I have the most beautiful support system so I don’t feel the need to write them out the way once did.


okay, I’m done with this bummer rant. Let the record show that I’m really happy with my personal life and I’m in love and surrounded by love I just need to do MORE.


xo sarah honee



IMG_0703IMG_0756IMG_0734IMG_0724IMG_0731IMG_0687 I’m a pretty avid hiker so I was super excited to leave my little LA bubble and go explore the beauty that is Zion National Park, It was the most beautiful place I’ve ever laid eyes on. I kept stopping just to take in what I was experiencing.

Lately I’ve been trying to get my mind, body, and spirit in a positive and healthy place. It’s been really hard being stuck in the day to day of working a job that I don’t enjoy, not eating healthy enough, drinking too much etc… The routine of it all has made my anxiety skyrocket and is causing me to feel really unhappy. Taking little trips has been my therapy.

I’m so thankful that Chase is in my life. He gets me out of my bubble and we experience such beautiful places with each other.

Love + Nature = a happier me



Day in the desert

I recently took a trip to a magical desert oasis in Joshua Tree.
It was an event thrown by ‘SUP magazine and my experience cannot be put into words let alone narrowed down to one blog post.

I live in Los Angeles and I had never actually been camping and never had the desire to. Sleeping in a tent, freezing temperatures at night, and not having a bathroom does not sound fun to me so it never even crossed my mind. Well, thankfully my boyfriend does not share these same thoughts so off into the desert he went and I (reluctantly) followed. The first night I was being a major grump, which I still regret. Something that I struggle with daily is being able to move on from something that pisses me off and just have a good time. I can’t even remember what is was that made me mad but guaranteed it was not a big deal.
ANYWAY the next morning I awoke refreshed and ready to experience a day in the desert!  We ate, drank, listened to live music, and just experienced nature in a way that I never had before. I had conversations with people that I’d never met and danced to music that I’d never heard and every second of it was perfect.

I am SO glad that I didn’t let something as small as being cold or not having a bathroom keep me from this beautiful experience.

Thank you ‘SUP magazine for putting on a perfect event. I’m counting down the days until DITD4.

*Before I embarked on the this trip I planned to take a ton of pictures but quickly realized that battery life in the desert goes fast and when you’re having the time of your life charging electronics is the last thing on your mind*


IMG_0330 Chase, Greg, and Ron getting some shade



cute little tent (not ours)


boulder gardens

this solar charger was pretty cool

this solar charger was pretty cool

Chase getting a sound bath

Chase getting a sound bath




Chases desert feet

Chase being one with nature (peeing)

Chase being one with nature (peeing)

Taking a shot of whiskey in the desert feeling real cowboy-ish

Taking a shot of whiskey in the desert feeling real cowboy-ish


we went into town for lunch and did some great people watching at Pappy & Harriets

we went into town for lunch and did some great people watching at Pappy & Harriets


cute little souvenir store

cute little souvenir store

Goodnight Joshua Tree.

Goodnight Joshua Tree.

Rainy Tuesday

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

I stayed in bed the entire day today.

mostly it was amazing. I had a few moments where I had to fend off some anxious feelings about all of the life I’m not living while I’m just laying here, but then I remembered that this is part of taking care of myself.

Relaxing, not beating myself up for still being a little off, and not back to where I feel like I “need” to be. Truth be told I’m realizing that recovery from shitty things takes a really long time for me… like way long.

But everyday I’m that much closer.


you can move on from something and still be a little fucked up over it. You are a beautiful being with beautiful feelings.